5 weeks of wellness

  • Initial 1:1 Consultation
  • Reboot Plan (1 or 2 week plan to reboot your metabolism, align hormones, or to cleanse your body)
  • Custom Meal Plan (upon completing your reboot, you’ll transition into your lifestyle/fat loss plan)
  • Recipe Log & Informative handouts
  • Exercise recommendations or custom training plan
  • Follow up appointment 4 weeks into your fat loss/lifestyle meal plan
    • Phone follow up includes the consultation and updated or new plan


Continuing on- Upon completing your 5 weeks:

*If just seeking consultations for education, accountability and updated plans- $40 for a phone consult, includes consultation and updated or new plan 

*OR upon completing your 5 weeks, you may choose from any Custom Fat Loss/Lifestyle package and take 15% off within 30 days of your package end date.