Essentially, accountability keeps you consistent by having you report back to someone what you’re successfully–or unsuccessfully–doing with your diet and exercise regimen. What makes accountability so powerful is that it doesn’t matter how little motivation you may have to do something, if you know that there is someone expecting you to report back to them, you’ll get it done!


Follow Up Appointments

These are crucial to empower you with all the relevant information and advice you will need to make the best choices on a consistent basis. The number of review sessions is determined by your personal needs and motivational level. Research shows that regular reviews with a qualified consultant can help increase one’s compliance and better achieve goals, compared to doing it alone.


Home Visits

These can be arranged at additional cost, depending on your location and my availability. Please inquire for your specific needs.


Phone Consultations

These will be arranged after your initial consult.


Skype Consultations

These are a unique way to keep in touch with your nutrition/fitness consultant no matter where you are based. Using this new free technology, you will be able to see and hear your consultant and receive the same professional advice just as you would if you were here in person! Payment by credit card is required.


Email Consultations

These are a great option if you have some general food and nutrition questions. Prepayment by credit card is required. Please contact with your question/s and we will advise you of the cost, based on the number of questions and the time it will take to provide you with a considered response. (No additional cost for emailed questions when you are an active client).



  • Dietary support and customized meal plans and/or exercise plans
  • Real life and personalised recipes
  • Emotional counselling
  • Habit changing tools and techniques
  • Inspirational advice

​Email: to schedule your personalized consultation.