My Approach

“I believe that our foods are our medicine. Certain foods, combined w/others, eaten at certain times of the day are what will change the body/health, enhance athletic performance, increase overall energy and wellness, and balance the hormones to ultimately burn the fat and peel away the layers”

– Angie Fenstermaker


A lot of people do have a foundation in knowing “what is right to eat.” So, at times, it’s just a matter of applying more of the science behind the foods (combos, timing, purpose), to perfect all the good you already do and know. And, sometimes it’s just a matter of having structure/a plan, where you don’t have to do any of the thinking that will bring more discipline in ensuring all nutrients are being implemented into one’s healthy living goals. Ultimately, it is the food that one takes in (not macros, calories, grams etc.), that will change the health and body for sustainable results.


Creating Plans

Meal plans (and/or exercise programs) are created based on each individual’s goals, likes, life/schedule, families, health history, etc. All are created from our consults, your forms, and our continuous follow-ups.

This is not “dieting”…(Diet is a bad word in our vocabulary) we create meal plans that will teach you how to make it a lifestyle. The goals are to ensure you FEEL and SEE changes, and ensure you are LEARNING about real foods and the purposes behind them, all while making the foods suit YOU and your likes. And your families likes/schedule too, if need be.

The fitness piece will maximize your consistent eating regime if opting for this addition. Exercise programs cover all areas including fat burn, strength training, and stretching and overall conditioning. Each program is adapted to each individual’s current level, whether you are new to exercise or looking to take your exercise up a notch to hurdle a plateau.

I realize there is a ton of information flying around out there-do this, do that, eat this way, that way… and it is overwhelming. I strive to make being healthy simple, and realistic.


Make an appointment

 Policy (Cancellations, Communication & Beyond)

  • Angie asks that clients make every effort to answer their call and if there is a reason to cancel or move an appointment that it is done with more than 24 hours notice.  If the client does not answer within 15 minutes, it is possible that the appointment will be rescheduled. 
  • Because of the volume of consult requests, if you do not confirm your appointment within 48 hours of receiving your confirmation email, your spot could be given to a standby client.
  • Please note that because Angie is typically booked two to three weeks out, there is a chance you will not be able to reschedule in the same week that you cancelled.
  • If cancellations are not done with more than 48 hour notice or the client doesn’t answer the call at all, Angie’s Way reserves the right to either charge $50 for your missed consultation and/or deduct one session from your series of appointments.
  • There will be an added cost if you choose to schedule more calls than what your package entails.
  • It is the clients responsibility to do their part in communicating their needs and struggles.
  • Angie will email 2 prompts after a client “no show.” If the client fails to communicate and/or reply, Angie reserves the right to discontinue services.
  • If you do not complete your scheduled calls in the timeframe of your purchased package, there will be an added cost to continue on.
  • NO refund under any circumstance.