Meet Angie

Angie has over 15 years of experience in the Health & Fitness industry. Certified as a Nutritionist, and in Weight Loss Management & Sports Nutrition, Angie is a certified Personal Trainer, obtained her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certificate and has also served as a trainer and nutritionist to fitness athletes. Furthermore, Angie holds various First Place-Overall titles as a former national figure competitor.

Angie also creates and conducts group workshops, group exercise classes, and provides nutrition education to businesses, fitness professionals, health centers & various organizations within the community.

Serving as the Nutritionist and Exercise Specialist for Angie’s Way, she provides custom plans for all walks of life seeking to improve their health, prevent disease and change the way they feel in their body.


Meet Angie

Angie’s Journey

A lot of people do have a foundation in knowing “what is right to eat.” So, at times, it’s just a matter of applying more of the science behind the foods (combos, timing, purpose), to perfect all the good you already do and know. And, sometimes it’s just a matter of having structure/a plan, where you don’t have to do any of the thinking that will bring more discipline in ensuring all nutrients are being implemented into one’s healthy living goals. Ultimately, it is the food that one takes in (not macros, calories, grams etc.), that will change the health and body for sustainable results.

I believe we are all born to a life journey. Part of that journey is to discover and pursue our passions. Over fifteen years ago, I discovered my passion to develop and shape my health. Ignorant to healthy eating, my diet consisted of grilled chicken sandwiches, baked Lays chips, and a peppermint patty for dessert! Snacks were tuna and mayo, pretzels, and jelly toast. Wasn’t horrible to some, but not very nutritious. I combined that with what seemed like a million aerobic classes a week.

After Graduating West Chester University with an Education degree, I changed course and became a corporate flight attendant. I travelled the world with elite clientele and celebrities but remained focused on a career in nutrition and health. I resigned after the 9/11 tragedy and focused my education on nutrition with accredited classes at International Fitness Professionals Assoc., Huntington College of Health Sciences, and National Academy of Sports Medicine. I was also a personal trainer and fitness instructor at New York Sports Club.

Beginning in 2004 and through 2010, I trained and won several overall figure titles and competed as a National Level Competitor. But was I on the journey to becoming fit or healthy? The difference- Being fit means you can walk, swim, run, bike and lift weights and pursue the exercise of your choice. It generally includes a reasonable amount of aerobic fitness. As a bonus it may even mean you have a toned and strong body externally. But being healthy involves more than physical performance. Truly being healthy is a culmination of everything we do as part of our lifestyle and within the total realm of wellness.

Now, I am a 40’something year old Mom of a toddler, and can define myself as healthy. Not merely fit. I am still very disciplined in my fitness and eating, but now I eat a better balance of all healthy foods that I enjoy. I do not diet. If I want an apple instead of a grapefruit, I eat it. If I want to enjoy my favorite things on a holiday, I eat it. If I want to shorten my cardio at 4:45am simply because I am exhausted, then I do so.

I listen to my body. If I want to take my son for a long walk, I won’t feel the need to do more, because back in the day, that walk wouldn’t “count.” If I can only train 2-3 days instead of 5-6, so be it. I have an overall healthier life now. I do not regret my “fittest” years. I truly loved the experiences and would not take any of it back. It was during those years that I gained the most profound understanding of my body and strengthened my will power and discipline. I cherish and value everything I learned from those years, and am fortunate to be able to pass it on to those I train and work with now. I encourage everyone, not just athletes, to listen to your body. Often times we hear what our bodies are saying, but don’t always listen. “Fit” comes in many shapes and forms, but I believe quality health starts within, focusing on what you are doing to feel and be great if God blesses you with life at 40, 50, 60 and so on…. Now, in my 40’s, I am a better definition of healthy.