Although I am only about 12 weeks into my program with Angie, this journey so far has been nothing less than amazing.

As a busy, full-time working mom of two young children (ages 8 and 3), I thought my physical activity of logging miles of running would get me close to my pre-baby body. Two years after my son was born, my body still had not bounced back into shape, especially around my mid-section. I became frustrated and discouraged, but didn’t want to give up. After experiencing night after night of belly aches and digestive problems, I knew I had to do something about my nutrition. For me, it was more about overall health rather than a svelte body. Angie’s Way was recommended to me and I knew I had to give it a try.

All I can say is WOW!! A few weeks into my program I noticed changes immediately around my back and mid-section. I also felt better than I had in years, all because of the food I was putting in my body. I was sleeping better, my digestive track was in sync, I had more energy throughout the day (I was no longer hitting that 3pm wall), and my overall running performance was at an all-time high. Angie’s Way has been the best thing I could have done for myself. I really am in a much better place, thanks to Angie and her team. I also love the fact that my kids would rather eat a rice cake with almond butter and berries rather than cheese curls!

I’m looking forward to continuing my journey with Angie’s Way!!